Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moving my body and my mind

I feel a shift in how I am viewing food.  I'm no longer thinking of what I want to eat that is high in fat, sugar or salt, but what benefits it will give my body.  I'm reaching for proteins and vegetables.  Don't get me wrong I still crave sweets and other junk foods.  I just don't think of them in terms of eating as much as I can.  My changing body has my mind changing with it.  After a workout I find my body famished and I try to eat protein in the form of a protein shake or eggs.  The rest of the day my body sends signals that it needs more than the calories I'm giving it.  This is my bodies signal to give it more fuel.  I'm doing better at picking things that will be used as fuel for my body and not junk that will not help my body.
My trainer has noticed how much strength I have now compared to 3 weeks ago.  I've gone from 90# leg presses to 110# leg presses.  I'm impressed as well when I get on the stationary bike and see the level going up.  I started at level 3 when I first got on a bike.  I'd maintained a level 6-8 in the last 3 weeks, until yesterday.  I found that 6, 7 and 8 felt too easy.  I was pedaling very fast and it felt like no resistance was being applied.  So I bumped it up to level 10 and liked how that felt.  So the pounds may not be dropping off, but the muscles have begun to make my shape change.  My arms are becoming more defined and my waistline is reappearing.  I just wish this butt would start shrinking. 
I'm happy and content with my life how it is now.  I've become more confident in my ability to keep moving forward and reach my goals.  The key is to just MOVE.  
Are you doing enough moving?  The stairs rather than the elevator?  The evening walk after dinner instead of watching tv? Chasing a toddler while playing tag?  Playing fetch with the dog?   (I might have to get a dog that actually plays fetch).
My Mother Betty, I miss her every day!

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