Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making Progress

Yup, we are Vikings fans. I like my "Breast Cancer Awareness" Vikings pink shirt.

I feel so in control of myself and my eating.
I'm now more than two weeks without a trainer to push me thru my workouts.
I go on my own and do my treadmill time.  I'm up to 50 minutes on the treadmill and two plus miles.  I'm seeing 10,000 plus steps on my "fitbug" pedometer. 
I joined Weight Watchers 2 1/2 weeks ago and have lost 3.6 pounds.  I'm not even freaking out about not losing more.  I want to lose it slow and steady.  I'm fine with the "Points Plus" and how the whole program works.
I know I won't be going back to Atkin's.  I enjoyed Atkin's, but because of the intussusception my body can't do it.  
Feeling like I can do this and succeed in getting fit and healthy has given me confidence.
I get so many compliments on how I look that my confidence is growing stronger.
I know I can do whatever I set my sights on.  I have even started setting up goals for other things besides weight loss. 
I have a new Grandbaby due any day now. I get to be the birth coach for my daughter.  I have the honor of seeing my grandchild being born and holding him/her for the first time within minutes of the birth.  I want to be around for this baby.  I want to be able to keep up with all that energy and not tire out.
I'm enjoying my Calligraphy class.  It's fun to try new things and explore other activities.  Who knows what talents I have kept hidden behind a veil of food and fat.  
I'm open to new adventures with my husband.  We have plans for the next year that include me walking a LOT to explore.  I am driven to get to my goal weight and even be able to ride a bike again.
Does this make sense to you?  Do you have your goals hanging out there almost taunting you to reach them?  Come on let's reach a goal before the end of the year.  60  days to a new goal?  Sure why not..... Pick a goal and plan out how you can make the steps to achieve it.  Contact me if you want someone to share your goal with or just offer encouragement.   Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/DesignerNails
Halloween Party.  My inner Goddess came out.

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