Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sugar cookies....................

Now that I have your attention. . . .
Do you see the Holiday season as one big sugar cookie bake shop? I do!  I love cookies. Every year it starts like this.
We start baking sweet treats and then try to avoid putting them into our mouths.  What the heck? This amounts to self torture.  However, I enjoy baking cookies at this time of year. It gets me into the spirit of the season and I give them away.  This will be my 31st year of making cookies for my family.  Frankly, I'm kinda sick of them.  I may eat a few, but not like I did last year. I was addicted to the way they would melt in my mouth.  This year I think of eating them as pouring sugar straight into my mouth....ewwww.
The sugar in my life now is my Grandchildren.
Riley 2 1/2, Isaak 16 days and Nevaeh 4 1/2.  My Grandkidlets!!
I'm focused on losing this weight and being healthy for these 3 precious Grandchildren.
They deserve a healthy active Grandma to play with them and chase them around.
I'm 2 tenths from my first ten pound weight loss on Weight Watchers.  I'm happy with my progress and how on track I've been able to stay.
Saturday I'll see if I've made that goal. 
Tonight I tried on more pants I had in the "smaller pants box" and 3 more pairs fit. I did the "Oh My Gosh they finally fit" dance.
These little victories mean so much to me, you just have no idea. Well, maybe you do.  You've read this far so maybe you know how good it feels to beat an addiction, be it food, alcohol, drugs or gaming.  Whatever you may find yourself addicted to it is nice to know other people can relate and will be there for you as you try your best to beat it once and for all.  It's not easy and it sure isn't fun.  I'm finding a way to add fun to this process. Like making up names or stories about who I see at the gym and why they are there. I get on the treadmill and "walk out" to my music.  I try not to do things that will make people report me for being weird while on the treadmill.
I love how my trainer got me to a point where I can now go to the gym on my own and do my own workout.
I'm working my way thru this maze that is my life.  One day at a time and one meal at a time.
Are you on this journey too?  I'd love to hear how your doing and if you have ideas for how to make this more fun.
Oh I forgot to share this in my original post so here I am editing it now. My WW leader uttered the words I mentioned a few months back, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"  Now I know it's a WW catch phrase. I still don't agree with it.  I enjoyed every bit of that kit kat bar I ate tonight. AND My thighs are still shrinking :-)
Holding this little one gives me less time to eat.
Dear Santa......

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