Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting on the right track

I've struggled with my weight issues for so much of my life it feels like a bad relationship that I can't get out of.....
So as I ended my paid training sessions with my EXCELLENT trainer Christine I knew I needed to get my next "area" figured out.  I know me so well and know I needed a plan that would keep me accountable and be easy to follow.   I joined Weight Watchers yesterday.  The Points Plus Plan is something I know I can do and follow without problems.   The only problem will be MY willpower to resist the empty calorie foods.  
This morning I got up early and was at the gym by 8 a.m. and worked out like a crazy person.  I did 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0 speed.  It felt good to get in over 4000 steps just on that treadmill.  I opened up my workout log and picked the machines I wanted to do and did my sets and reps.  30 minutes later I was BEAT, I had over 5000 steps on my fit bug and felt like I had just run a marathon.  I'm feeling pretty good about doing this without my trainer.  I have the tools to do this working out on my own.  Using  WW will help me with the next tool I need to get this weight off.
 I was not happy about the arthritis in my foot hurting and feeling like a hot poker jammed in my foot.  I am just going to workout thru the pain and then talk to my Dr tomorrow at my physical about how I can deal with the pain.  I will HAVE to get another injection of steroids to alleviate the pain in these joints.
I'm content with my life.  I have a man who loves me beyond all comprehension and family who is there for me.  Friends more numerous than I can count, who show me love and support in all things that I do.  I am Grateful to a God who loves me unconditionally and sends wonderful people into my life to touch me in ways that only HE knows why.
My blessings are many and my regrets are few.  THAT is how a life should be lived.
Go get on your RIGHT track.....there's no time like today to start your new beginning!!
Even BK wants us Happy.....