Sunday, April 17, 2011


Vacation.....that time of year when we say "No dieting because I want to enjoy the foods".  I did just that.  I enjoyed the foods and must say that I only put back on 2 pounds. Granted it's the same 2 pounds I keep re-losing every week.  
I enjoyed the drinking and new foods.  I wanted to try out the gym, but my husband kept reminding me we were on vacation.  Every morning I wanted to slip in to get on the scale some gymrat was in there running on a treadmill or doing yoga. :sigh: I did get in a water aerobics class while in the pool our second to last day.
Believe it or not I missed my gym time. I know, what's wrong with me??  I missed the adrenaline rush of lifting weights and feeling my muscles getting shakey.  
I HAD to go to the gym today.  I did a 40 minute workout and it felt great!!
I already have my 2 training appointments scheduled for this week.  Tomorrow I get back on the eating better bandwagon.  I'm more determined than ever to finally get this done. 
Why is it so easy to make the excuse "I'm on vacation" to justify eating whatever I want when on vacation?  Does the fat take a vacation from expanding on my body?  NO so why should I take a vacation from being vigilant and continuing my fight to lose this excess weight?  Interesting question.  I need to find MY answer and then follow thru and be strong.
Next vacation won't be until next year so I have lots of time to get back on track and stay on task.
What do yo do about your vacation "splurging"?
Enjoying my Jamaican vacation

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  1. I know just what your talking about.
    But what I've also discovered is the outside is an illusion, its the inside that counts.That's the part that's something very special.
    Its not an excuse to stop any work your doing..especially when it is so important to you.So keep it up GF, I'm in the corner with ya!!!
    I just want you to know that I see "You"..and your something special!!!