Friday, April 22, 2011

Reset not tilt

It may seem like I had to reset my mind, well I did.  It wasn't quite on tilt, but it was stuck on wrong thinking.
I was always thinking about food and eating in unhealthy ways.  I didn't get that food was to help my body work better and more efficiently.  I lived to eat!  I didn't understand the concept of eating to live.  I ate very unhealthy foods and didn't listen to my body when it told me it didn't like what I fed it.
I'm listening and learning.  I'm feeling much better now that veggies are my focus along with protein.  I'm working out 3 days a week and if I can sneak in a few more workouts I'm doing it. 
The best part is I'm back to losing weight and feeling very good.  I'd just like the joint pain to go away.  Arthritis sucks!!  It's part of aging for me so I'm just doing what I can to ease the discomfort and living my life.
I've opted to do a modified Atkins eating plan.
I'm also keeping my calories under 1400.  It seems to be working and I do not feel deprived.  Time will tell, but I can do this.
I know, I said that before......Do  you feel like you have to keep doing Do Overs in your life too?

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