Thursday, May 26, 2011

Muscles are appearing, I didn't know I could make muscles!

While my workouts have been building my stamina and strength they have also been building MUSCLES.
Yes I have muscles, actual definition of my muscles on my arms and calves.  It's so cool to see my body making these changes as I increase my workouts and the weights I'm using.  Today I did the seated rows with 55 pound weights and the pull downs were 55 pound weights as well.  I wish I could see my abs changing, but I doubt they will show anything.  I have a nice layer of fat on top still and have had many surgeries that cut onto my stomach muscles.
I see some changes in my face and ankles too.  It is fun to see my hard work finally paying off with muscle definition and becoming stronger.  
I feel like I'm on The Biggest Loser the Minnesota edition.  I've got my trainer cheering me on and pushing me to improve every week.  She makes sure I've got my plan for healthy eating ready for the weekends, those are the days my will power seems to disappear.  I'm not perfect, but I'm a work in progress.
I'll be progressing more and more in the next few weeks.  I have a goal to reach before I go to San Francisco.  I have another goal to reach by the end of this year as well.  I'm keeping my eye on the goals, but enjoying the journey to reach them too.
I think everyone should have goals short term as well as long term goals.  Why don't you set a goal this week for where you want to be in 6 months?  It's easy and you don't have to tell someone what your goal is you could just write it down for only you to see.
My modeling stint, it was a lot of fun.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting it right this time

It has been so long since I've felt this good about myself.   I'm eating according to my meal plan and have not had one bite of sugar, wheat or flour. 

My mind feels clearer and I'm able to focus more.  I'm thrilled to see the positive changes my body has been going through too.  My biceps and forearms are getting "ripped" looking.  I've never had this happen before. Seeing the changes on the scale has also been very good for my confidence.  Knowing I'm on the right track and have all the elements to be successful feels simply AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My trainer, Christine, had a challenge Wednesday when I showed up with a protective boot on my left foot again.  I have a stress fracture in my left foot, the metatarsal of the bone next to the great toe bone.  It hurts and I had bruising so I went in to find out why.  Not what I wanted to hear.
In the past this would've set me back weeks or even months.  I'd have stopped working out and eating right.  I'd have gone right back to eating crappy and put pounds back on.
THIS time I'm coming at this from a different brain, committed to getting to MY goals.

My determination is almost scary to me now.  Setting my goals both short term and long term has kept me sane and on track.  My short term goal is to lose 10 pounds at a time.  My long term goal is to reach my goal weight of 145 pounds. 

Tonight I enjoyed a nice Tilapia fillet from Schwann's (90 calories) and had that with Brown rice (1/2 cup), cooked beets (1/2 cup).   I need to find a way to cook the brown rice to get it really moist and not too dry.  Package directions leave it too dry for my stomach. 

I've been using my My Fitness Pal on my ipod touch a lot and even got online to use their website to get more ideas on how to utilize it to the fullest.

I am a FOOD ADDICT and I know what I need to do to get healthy.  Physically, emotionally and spiritually I need to keep my focus on just living one day at a time.  I now plan my meals out a little more than I did two weeks ago even. 
Lunch Salad that I have every day (Rainbow has a great salad bar)
I choose healthier foods like this salad that I pick up every morning before I go to work. Monday thru Friday I eat a good lunch.   Takes me almost 2 hours to eat it.  I usually have chicken or tuna with it and my dressing is 1 tablespoon of mayo.

Trying to get in my protein and veggies is very easy.  Gone are the unhealthy sides of pasta with creamy sauces and breads.
I eat my burgers without a bun and have not eaten one nibble of pizza since Saturday when I peeled the toppings off a few pieces at my friends.  The bag of potato chips that sat here over the weekend I didn't have one morsel of them.  I felt very good about exercising that self control.  I no longer let food control me or my emotions.
I'm feeling much happier (like that is even possible, Tom is the most supportive husband EVER).   I now think happiness comes from within and also how we let it out for others to see and enjoy. 
Seriously, how many times do you find yourself smiling when you see someone else smiling?  Smiles really are contagious!!
Try it, smile at the next person you pass in the mall, hallway or gym.  I get more "Good Morning's" and "Hello's" when I smile at someone first.   Not every man wants to hit on me when he says something to me (for those of you that know me you've heard me mention being hit on).
Have yourself a FUN weekend and remember this is making a change in lifestyle not a diet!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Making positive changes in a negative world

Here it is 11 days later and I feel like I've made some great progress in my battle.

I've made some changes in how I'm viewing this lifestyle change.  I'm eating differently.  I've adopted a meal plan I found on a website that seems to be just the key I need to get off this addictive cycle.
I'm staying away from sugar(even artificial sweeteners), flour and wheat.  I've been reading packages and I'm amazed at just how many foods contain sugar. Sugar goes by many names so I had to print out the list so I'd know what to look for on the packages.  I'm not eating anything that has any type of flour.  My "bread" is brown rice cakes.  Not bad if I eat a banana with it or scrambled eggs on top.  Giving up wheat has been the easiest part for me, I gave up bread before and survived!!
My breakfasts have consisted of cottage cheese, brown rice cake and a banana or poached eggs instead of the cottage cheese.  Tomorrow I'm going to try slow cooking oatmeal with fruit I pureed.
Lunch has been a salad I put together at a local grocery store. I get lettuce and add beets, bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers, feta cheese ( 1 oz or less).  I get canned chicken and use about 2.5 oz and mix in a tablespoon of mayo.  I add fruits like mixed berries and watermelon or pineapple and I then  have a well balanced meal for lunch.  I have enjoyed this every weekday for the last week and am not bored with it. 
Dinner is a protein like chicken or a pork chop and a veggie and cottage cheese.  My nightly treat is an Atkins bar, my favorite is the Mudslide bar.  
I'm experimenting with cooked brown rice.  I used organic vegetable broth in place of the water.  I was happy that Whole Foods had organic broths that did not contain sugar.
I couldn't believe that broth has sugar added to it.  Ketchup is hard to find without sugar.  I did find unsweetened ketchup.  It did taste pretty good tonight with my turkey burger.
I'm continuing with my 3 times a week workouts.  I found out today that my foot pain is a stress fracture :-( 
I guess I'll be back in my fancy boot for a while. However, I can still workout!!!
My world changed for me on Easter Sunday so I've had a lot more positives happening.  I am blessed with a Husband who loves me right now at this weight.  He loves me no matter what.  I'm a happy woman who has friends and family who keep cheering me on.  
My wish is that EVERYONE could have their own cheerleading team of family and friends.
I'm cheering YOU on let's keep this going in a positive direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minnesota Wild Hockey Game 2009

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moving my body and my mind

I feel a shift in how I am viewing food.  I'm no longer thinking of what I want to eat that is high in fat, sugar or salt, but what benefits it will give my body.  I'm reaching for proteins and vegetables.  Don't get me wrong I still crave sweets and other junk foods.  I just don't think of them in terms of eating as much as I can.  My changing body has my mind changing with it.  After a workout I find my body famished and I try to eat protein in the form of a protein shake or eggs.  The rest of the day my body sends signals that it needs more than the calories I'm giving it.  This is my bodies signal to give it more fuel.  I'm doing better at picking things that will be used as fuel for my body and not junk that will not help my body.
My trainer has noticed how much strength I have now compared to 3 weeks ago.  I've gone from 90# leg presses to 110# leg presses.  I'm impressed as well when I get on the stationary bike and see the level going up.  I started at level 3 when I first got on a bike.  I'd maintained a level 6-8 in the last 3 weeks, until yesterday.  I found that 6, 7 and 8 felt too easy.  I was pedaling very fast and it felt like no resistance was being applied.  So I bumped it up to level 10 and liked how that felt.  So the pounds may not be dropping off, but the muscles have begun to make my shape change.  My arms are becoming more defined and my waistline is reappearing.  I just wish this butt would start shrinking. 
I'm happy and content with my life how it is now.  I've become more confident in my ability to keep moving forward and reach my goals.  The key is to just MOVE.  
Are you doing enough moving?  The stairs rather than the elevator?  The evening walk after dinner instead of watching tv? Chasing a toddler while playing tag?  Playing fetch with the dog?   (I might have to get a dog that actually plays fetch).
My Mother Betty, I miss her every day!