Saturday, April 2, 2011

Magazine's for REAL women?

I just got done torturing myself with the latest Lucky magazine.  Lots of clothing ideas and accessorizing happening this summer.   
But then it hit me.... What do us REAL women wear?  All these models are 5'8" and wear a size 0.  Ummm Hello what size do most of the women in the USA wear?  14, yes a size 14 is the average size.  
So where are the magazines with the size 14 models in them to show us what the clothes will look like?
I am so sick of being fed the lie that only a 20-something size 0 with perfect proportions is accepted.  
I look at the models now and think, oh how much airbrushing did they need to do to make her look like she needs to be fed?   I think so much of what we see has been "retouched" and isn't normal that I view magazines as cartoons.
9/26/09 my 50th birthday party.  I so want to be a model cause I love the spotlight :-)
I even look at the "articles" as advertisements too.  Why bother to read them when some company is paying them to write it to make a point to buy their products?  

I'd just like to see a magazine with larger women modeling and showing the rest of the world what the normal person is wearing in fashionable clothing.  Because, quite frankly, I asked the model in the magazine "Hey what do 51 year old women wear?" Certainly not the short shorts I saw one model wearing.  I don't wear short shorts I wear capri's because no one really wants to see my jiggly thighs as I'm walking thru the mall. Nor do they want to see my jiggly "muffin top" showing with that short cropped top the other model was wearing.   No Caftans or MuuMuu's for me, but gosh how about giving us more than Lane Bryant's catalog to see what REAL women look like it the newest fashions.
Anyone want to start a REAL sized woman magazine and modeling agency?  I'd love to be a model.........


  1. Funny, I was just saying this to someone the other day. We were looking for magazine's geared to the 40-60 yo set women and then to find one that is geared for the 40-60 yo "full-figured" set that is impossible! New buisiness idea? We could call it ?????...the theme focusing on the "REAL woman of size over 40 crowd. Those of us that have seen gravity and not defied it, skin imperfections..a mole, a scar, a wrinkle?? Cellulite, unwanted hairs, dry skin,...hmmm maybe not too much no one would buy it..who wants to read about that! But articles on everything from healthy eating, diet, exercise for those of us who can't move like the 20 yo in a kickboxing class(LOL),clothing for those over size 12/14. Dating for the newly divorced? What about sex for women in the "middle years"? Health issues women face as they age, make-up and hair styles, money...etc, the list could go on and on. Now I know there is AARP but really-let's find or develop a magazine for REAL the dove commercials I love those!

  2. It is so funny that less than a week after I posted this blog a woman at C J Banks asked me to be a model in their store in May. It just goes to show you that you just never know what the future holds!!