Monday, May 16, 2011

Making positive changes in a negative world

Here it is 11 days later and I feel like I've made some great progress in my battle.

I've made some changes in how I'm viewing this lifestyle change.  I'm eating differently.  I've adopted a meal plan I found on a website that seems to be just the key I need to get off this addictive cycle.
I'm staying away from sugar(even artificial sweeteners), flour and wheat.  I've been reading packages and I'm amazed at just how many foods contain sugar. Sugar goes by many names so I had to print out the list so I'd know what to look for on the packages.  I'm not eating anything that has any type of flour.  My "bread" is brown rice cakes.  Not bad if I eat a banana with it or scrambled eggs on top.  Giving up wheat has been the easiest part for me, I gave up bread before and survived!!
My breakfasts have consisted of cottage cheese, brown rice cake and a banana or poached eggs instead of the cottage cheese.  Tomorrow I'm going to try slow cooking oatmeal with fruit I pureed.
Lunch has been a salad I put together at a local grocery store. I get lettuce and add beets, bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers, feta cheese ( 1 oz or less).  I get canned chicken and use about 2.5 oz and mix in a tablespoon of mayo.  I add fruits like mixed berries and watermelon or pineapple and I then  have a well balanced meal for lunch.  I have enjoyed this every weekday for the last week and am not bored with it. 
Dinner is a protein like chicken or a pork chop and a veggie and cottage cheese.  My nightly treat is an Atkins bar, my favorite is the Mudslide bar.  
I'm experimenting with cooked brown rice.  I used organic vegetable broth in place of the water.  I was happy that Whole Foods had organic broths that did not contain sugar.
I couldn't believe that broth has sugar added to it.  Ketchup is hard to find without sugar.  I did find unsweetened ketchup.  It did taste pretty good tonight with my turkey burger.
I'm continuing with my 3 times a week workouts.  I found out today that my foot pain is a stress fracture :-( 
I guess I'll be back in my fancy boot for a while. However, I can still workout!!!
My world changed for me on Easter Sunday so I've had a lot more positives happening.  I am blessed with a Husband who loves me right now at this weight.  He loves me no matter what.  I'm a happy woman who has friends and family who keep cheering me on.  
My wish is that EVERYONE could have their own cheerleading team of family and friends.
I'm cheering YOU on let's keep this going in a positive direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minnesota Wild Hockey Game 2009

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