Monday, January 17, 2011

Purging......clutter not food.

I've been very motivated about clearing out the clutter in my life.  
The physical and emotional clutter. 
The physical clutter is the junk I've saved, moved from one state to another and back againI ask myself do I need this piece of paper? Is it important to anything in my immediate future? If not I throw out. I refuse to move the stack one more time. I'm in a deal with it or toss it mood.  If I don't want to deal with it I might as well toss it to save myself the effort next time I'd pick it up.
How freeing this has been for me!!!  I'm purging things from my past that have no importance in my life now.  
Closing my salon was another purging that has been a blessing.  I'll miss the wonderful time I spent talking to my clients while I did their nails. I developed very good friendships and I was blessed to be a part of their lives too.
The packing up is the hardest.  I have memories in each item I've used.  Either a memory of a client or class I took or place I worked.
I'm saving only the best most useful items for my youngest daughter who starts Nail school next month.  
The blessing is that I'm turning the salon room into a sewing room.  I'll be able to create clothing as I lose weight and make fun things to sell too.

I was forced to do an emotional purging last year.
I found out through a counselor that it's okay to let my adult children be held responsible for their decisions and I don't have to be their Mommy and fix it anymore. 
 Oh that was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.  I've since then purged out unhealthy people from my life.  I can't be around people who accept dysfunction in their lives and then whine and cry about how badly they are treated.
I've found that I'm a lot stronger than I ever thought possible.  I faced bad times and emotional turmoil in much healthier ways than in the past.

Purging has spilled over into my eating as well.  I'm not binging and purging, I'm making healthier choices at meal time.  I'm setting aside the clean plate thinking and giving myself permission to not eat it all.
I'm picking foods that I know will give my body the energy it needs and sustain my after workout recovery. 

Do you see where you might need to do your own purging?  Go for it, you'll find out how much you don't need that "thing" after all.

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