Sunday, January 16, 2011

Excuses just don't cut it anymore

Despite being sick last week I went to the gym.  Granted I only went 2 days instead of the 4 I intended.  Monday morning I had to take my spry 79 year old Father to ER to stop his bleeding nose. I missed my morning workout and rescheduled it for the afternoon.  By noon I was feeling so crappy I just canceled it and paid the fee.  Tuesday I dragged myself there thinking, I only have to breath and push weights for 30 minutes.  I followed that with a tanning session and massage. By then I knew I was very sick and went straight to urgent care.  After chest x-rays I was told I had bronchitis.  I went home with medicine and instructions to take it easy. Ha! 
I had a little bit of a voice left the next morning, but went to work.  Dragged myself into the gym for my workout Thursday and my trainer ordered me to stay home the next 3 days to recover.
I feel like a million bucks now and am so glad I went in when I did.  Why I tortured myself with the workout, tanning and massage is beyond me.
It did get me to thinking about how easy it is to make excuses to not workout.  Dumb things like "Oh I didn't sleep well so I have to sleep later, I'll go tomorrow", "It's snowing outside so I shouldn't be out in it", "I woke up with a headache", "I have too many things to get done today so I just don't have time".
Have you made an excuse to not workout?  Did you feel bad later?  Did you make up for it the next day like you said you would?  Or did you just say "Oh well I'll start working out next Monday"?
It seems I always say I'll start on Monday like it has special powers to help me finish what I started.
Well, every day is Monday when changes need to happen.
If the Dr. told me I had to have emergency surgery and it was Tuesday would I say "Ok let's do it Monday?"  NO
I'd want to get it done right away and ask him Why are you still standing there, Go scrub!
The problem with weight is it goes on fast, but comes off s l o w l y!!!
I'm a very impatient person and want everything yesterday. I sound like a lot of people in the world.
So I need to put my mind into seeing the excuses as just what they are STALL tactics to avoid doing what I know needs to be done yesterday.
I make my workout training sessions in advance and write them in my datebook so I have no excuse to not go.  I see it as investing 30 minutes first thing in the morning so I can go through the day and not have that hanging over my head.  But I also know that I did something really good for myself and I can feel good about that as well.
Let's face it we all make excuses to get out of being honest with ourselves.  When asked "WHY" I did or didn't do something I have to stop and think and then be truthful about why I did or didn't do it.  Being truthful and honest is hard.  I wonder if I'll sound shallow or stupid when I give my answer, but I'm finding by being completely open that I am authentic to who I am as a person.  I'm able to say with all honesty that I don't like something or someone and why I feel that way without being defensive.  I know we usually find ourselves being defensive about decisions, but now I own them and move forward.
Today is a good day to start even if it is 4:00 p.m. I can start anything because all it takes is a decision on my part and actions to get it moving.  Or get me moving!!


  1. Diana _- you are such an awesome source of inspiration!!

  2. Diana, you are a true inspiration to me. I feel exactly as you do, but have not taken the steps to take care of my weight. I always have excuses and with my Type II Diabetes it isn't doing me a bit of good to not get started. Thanks for sharing your journey with me and keep up the good work and determination!!! XOXOXO Rhoda :)