Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cravings and Crazings

I find myself hyper focused on picking the right foods to eat.  I'm doing well on eating low carb.  I'm eating veggie carbs only and lots of protein.  I'm trying to add more fish as well.  
However, I drive by Starbucks or Caribou and immediately think about a Frapp or Cooler. I even thought about rewarding myself after every 10 pounds lost by getting one of my favorite drinks.   Then my crazy mind reminded me "Well DUH then you'd have to go thru withdrawal from sugar again, do you really want to do it AGAIN?" 
All it took was a trigger like a fast food place or my old treat hang out to get my mind side tracked. I've done too much work in the last 6 days to undo it now. 
I worked out twice this week so far and have two more workouts to go do.  I jumped on board and scheduled myself 5 workouts for next week.  I've paid for the workouts so I'm determined to go full speed ahead and push my body.
I feel good physically so I know the sugar withdrawal is easing up, but I still have the cravings.  Not unlike a drug addict or alcoholic craves the substance that sent them down into addiction. 
If being a food addict didn't involve EATING food it might be a little easier. But how can I let my addiction take over and not fight it?  I want to win and by winning I get my life back. I make the choices to eat healthy and live longer.  
I'd love to wake up one day and find my food decisions have become healthy decisions. 
In 2008 at my heaviest
There is always TOMORROW!!!

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