Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking back. What do you see in your rearview mirror?

As I look at the past year I see so many changes in myself and in the people around me too.
My healthier outlook has been good for my psyche and my relationships.  I now view my decisions in a different light.  I think beyond just myself. I look at the impact my decisions have on those people around me every day.  It’s not just me that is affected by my choices.  I can have a positive or negative influence on others.  If I choose to bring in a package of cookies or cupcakes, my co-workers then have their own decision to make as to whether to eat it or not.  It can be very hard to make a healthy choice if you’re hurried, stressed or tired.  I don’t want to be the one who leads someone else to make that decision to eat the cookie at the detriment of their own health.
It’s all about cleaning up the atmosphere of my own environment.  Do I need candy at the front desk where I sit every day?  No, not really.  It leads me into my own temptation and my willpower can become weakened by its presence on my desk.  So my choice is clearly not to have that candy dish filled with sugared candy.  Sugar free candy can be just as tempting.  However, it is less likely to lead to binging.
The second area I’ve been cleaning out is my mind.  I find myself sabotaging my good habits with bad thoughts.   I know I’m my own worst critic.  No one can say anything worse to me than what I say to myself.  So why let the negative thoughts take over my happiness?  I refuse to give in to those thoughts.  I look in the mirror and see how far I’ve come in such a short time.  I’ve literally gone from a size 26 to a 20 in less than 12 months.   That is an accomplishment I carry with me every day.  I hold my head up high and know I’m in control of my life and my choices.
Deciding to hire a personal trainer is one I will never regret.  It cost me $3,600, but was worth every cent.  Now that I have that tool I am learning about eating and Weight Watchers (WW) is helping me achieve my weight loss goals.  Sometimes the sacrifices are hard financially, but worth it in the long run.
I don’t want to come to the end of my life and have regrets about something that I could have changed.  I am the one in control of this life of mine and I need to make sure I give myself the very best I can give to me.
I’m careful about words that I use when speaking to others. In the past my words have hurt people and left me feeling awful.  I want to leave people feeling good about talking with me and smiling when they walk away.  A positive impression goes a long way toward making positive friendships that build people up and help them to achieve all they can in this life.
As Valentine’s Day approaches look around you and see what positive impressions you have left on those people who have come into your life.  Even if the person was only in your life for a few minutes, the impression you left can be a positive one as well.
Today I wish you Love, Happiness and above all else Contentment.
Be content to be yourself and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  You are in control of your future, where do you want to be 12 months from today?
Below you can see my journey from a size 26 to a size 20.
December 2010
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Jan. 12, 2012
This is why I'm doing all this hard work. Baby Isaak deserves a Grandma who can keep up with him.

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  1. You are so awesome Diana!!! You are a true inspiration for sure!!! :) Keep it up, I think you are doing a GREAT job :)