Monday, February 27, 2012

OOPS....I didn't lose again

Do the numbers always reflect where we are heading?  Or even where we have been?
Friday was my worst weigh in ever!  I had planned on weighing in Saturday, but when friends invited us to a fish fry we just had to say yes.  We hadn’t seen them in weeks and knew the next few weeks would be very busy for us too.  So I knew I had to weigh in on Friday or eat very little for dinner that night and go Saturday like I had planned. 
I knew I’d be up because after being sick the week before I was eating like a binge eater.  I figured at a few pounds up, I could bounce back from that.  I almost started crying when the scale showed me up 5.2 pounds.  I was devastated and speechless. I even told the lady who weighed me I was surprised I was up that much because I knew I’d be up some.  She told me “But you came and that is what you needed to do”.  She was correct I did need to go even when I knew I’d gained.  Who would I be kidding if I just avoided the inevitable? Myself that’s who!
What would you have done?  Give up? Go eat whatever you wanted? Say to yourself “See you can’t even lose weight without blowing it, why do you even try?” Or would you do like I did and stay for the meeting and vow to not quit?
Really, who would I be if I gave up at the first set back on this journey?  I’m not a quitter so that is not an option for me.  I knew that I’d had a rough week, but I also knew I could do this Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan and keep losing weight.
I went out for the fish fry and ate until I felt full, which was a surprisingly small amount of food.  I enjoyed my meal and even ate some candy.  My husband was so sweet and supportive of me that day.  He knew I was upset with the weigh in, but he also knew I had to deal with it my way.
And do you know what happened Saturday morning when I got on the scale?  I was down 4 of those 5 pounds. I almost went to weigh in right then and there.  You see I didn’t let one little set back trash the previous 4 months of my journey.  I knew it was a blip on the radar that is my weight loss journey.  Giving up or just eating everything in sight would have been so much easier, but so unlike me.
Oh My!!!
I celebrated my sticking to it when my husband and I hosted our Murder Party Saturday night.
How to Host a Murder is a fun game/party.  The theme was “Class of ‘54” 5 year reunion.  I dressed as a 50’s housewife ala Lucille Ball.  I sewed the dress, got my hair pinned up and added the right accessories.  You can see from the picture that I had a blast and looked the part.
Life is about enjoying all the moments as well as the journey to reach the destination.  As Terri Clark’s song “Getting There” says “You want an answer as soon as you say the prayer, You want to land the moment you’re in the air, Baby the living is all in the getting there”  I like that view point because it is so very true the living is all in the journey to get there!
Tom finally found the CAKE...he loves cake!
My Best Friend and I on her 50th birthday, she doesn't look 50..geesh
The 1950's never looked so HOT!
Making my dress was so much fun!!

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  1. You are a true inspiration to me!!! I start physical therapy on my knees tomorrow morning. Maybe that will kick start me to start exercising too. RQ