Sunday, June 5, 2011


Thursday I noticed my capri's that I bought roughly 3 weeks ago were really loose.  When I got home from work I tried on one of the pairs I had not fit into 2 weeks ago when I cleaned out my side of the closet.  I pulled them on, buttoned and zipped them. They FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My weight has not dropped more than a few pounds, but my clothes fit looser.  I'd heard that muscle weighs more than fat, but I know a pound is a pound no matter what the form is. So the theory of fat takes up more space than muscle does fit.  
I'm very dedicated to working out while my trainer is gone this week. (Christine have some fun and I'll arm wrestle you on the 13th)
I had missed the feeling of muscles hurting after a workout, oh silly me.  I got that feeling back yesterday when my legs were hurting, but I know it's building more fat burning muscles. So..... Bring It On!
I have a lot more energy and stamina.  The true test will come when I go to San Francisco the end of the month.
I'm not eating as perfectly as I wish I was, but again it is all about moderation.  I don't totally throw out my meal plan every weekend I just limit my indulgences to a few things.
Do something for yourself today, whether it's a walk to enjoy the sunshine (it's actually nice here in MN), or a cup of tea on the patio, reading a book or the bible,  perhaps listening to your favorite music without distractions is more your style. 
Whatever you choose make it something special for yourself.  Everyone needs "ME" time. 

My Grandchildren with me at a Wedding reception 6/4/11

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