Sunday, June 26, 2011

I left San Francisco!!

I love that old song about leaving your heart in San Francisco.  However, I didn't leave my heart.  My Soulmate Thomas came with me and together we shared some adventures and made memories.
We went into this vacation with a pact, to eat foods for quality not for quantity.  We shared many yummy meals and didn't act as "food police" with each other.  I enjoyed tasting the foods and not feeling the need to fill up on the foods.  I found I wasn't living to eat, but rather eating to live.  
Wine tasting was fun and filled with knowledge.  I learned about what ones I prefer and how what is eaten with the food effects how it tastes.
We followed that up with a HUGE Chinese meal with 7 entrees I believe.  I just know I ate a lot of food, but refrained from stuffing myself.  Yummy little bites of great food was enough for me.  

The whole scene in San Francisco was AWESOME to see.  We even went on the CalTrain and the Muni as well as a cable car.  I took over 600 pictures alone.  I loved seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge.  The housing was unreal.  I don't think I could live that close to my neighbors.  I'm spoiled here in the midwest.  My neighbors are at least 10 feet away.  
I admit I did come back a few pounds up from my lowest which I hit the morning we left.  I did go workout Friday, we got back Thursday at 11 p.m. and I had to get to gym by 8:30 a.m. for my training.  Oh my gosh I was so not into working out.  I hadn't hit the workout room once while on vacation.  That workout room was terrible.  1 eliptical, 1 treadmill, 1 bike and a lone workout ball with a scale to round things out. YUCK!
I'm back on track and focused on finishing this marathon I began..... at birth it seems.
Wine tasting with my Soulmate, Thomas, at Jessup Cellars
I'm thrilled that we were able to take this amazing trip at this time in our lives. I just don't want to be this weight on our next vacation.  I know I will reach my goal and it will feel great to accomplish!!
Set your own goal and put the plan in place to attain it before a specific time in your life.  Be it a BIG birthday milestone or before you go someplace amazing.  You too can reach your goals you just need to keep focused and not let slip ups completely sidetrack you.  Falling down doesn't mean you never get back up.
Hang in there and don't leave your heart anywhere!!!

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