Sunday, June 12, 2011

What do you do at the gym??

Today I wasn't feeling too into working out, but after eating the chocolate crack I knew I needed to kick my own butt.
I did as many errands as I could get done to put off going too early.  It seems that Sunday mornings people skip church and go workout.  
I parked my butt on the recumbent bike and started peddling.  Upset that I forgot my earbuds, so I had no tunes to listen to, I settled in to people watch.  I saw an older guy I have seen there a lot.  He seems to almost live there. SO... I watched him.  He got on a machine and "camped" (you know the ones who get on a machine and hog it for 5-10 minutes without getting off it). He pushed 2-4 times then rested for 1-2 minutes and pushed a few more times. Then went to camp on another machine, he did this for about 4 machines. It was hilarious to watch him so I looked at a few others. I hope none of them are reading this, but I won't say what time I was at the gym nor which one I went to.  
   I watched a woman around my size as she went from the treadmill to the weight machines.  I wanted to ask her if she'd thought about getting a trainer.  I find that having Christine kick my butt 30 minutes a session keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward.  She seemed to know how to use the machines, but didn't have the knowledge to give herself a proper workout session.  Is that mean that I was watching her?  I'm sure I was being watched as I huffed and puffed thru the sets. I wanted to talk to her, but didn't.  If I see her again I will.  I know that trainers can be shared and I'd share mine if someone else wanted to be beat up right along with me. Which reminds me, CHRISTINA D., you need to join me Friday mornings again!  
  I now appreciate what guys do at the gym to strengthen their arms and abs. It's hard frickin work to build muscles and be disciplined enough to keep at it day after day.  I was doing my bicep curls in the weight room and there was a guy in his 20's lifting weights and they were HEAVY.  He was huffing and puffing too so I knew he was working his muscles hard.  His "girlfriend"? came over to talk to him then left and he went back to working out.  I saw her later stretching and almost said "I hope you appreciate how hard he's working to look good for you", but maybe he was just wanting to beat the guys off her when they came sniffing around.  
I don't get all dolled up or primp to look sexy when I go workout. I put my hair in a ponytail and wear jogging pants and a t shirt that I try to get sweaty.  I do take off my wedding ring.  If you've seen it you know I don't want to lose it or wreck it in any way. It tends to cut into my hand and I've developed a callous so I leave it at home now.  I joke that I'm "Single" when I work out now. 

I've had only one guy try to talk to me when I've worked out.  I chuckle to think of a chubby middle aged woman being hit on in a gym.  I let the "barbie" dolls get all prettied up for working out.  I'm there to sweat and breath like I'm going to have a heart attack from my workouts, not get a date.  Do you know of anyone who got  a date at the gym?
If you happen to be blessed with a great metabolism Thank God for it!!  If you have a lazy metabolism like me you have to work at maintaining or losing weight.  I find I do really well all week only to go right back up on the weekends. I know how to maintain this weight. HOWEVER, I want to lose some weight before I begin maintaining it.
The best part of my day was going to Lane Bryant and trying on a few pairs of pants. I picked a pair of the "Right Fit" jeans in the curvy shape.  I grabbed a pair of the size I had on and the next size down because I find pants fit different depending on brand and shape/fit.  I got into a size down from what I was wearing and was thrilled.  I tried on a skirt and loved how it looked so grabbed a few shirts to go with it. Now I have a few pair of jeans to get me thru to the next size down.  I had lost 50 pounds in 2008 while on Atkin's.  I had to stop Atkin's so I ended up putting almost all of it back on.  Now I'm down 23 pounds from where I was in 2008.  It took me 10 months to lose it before so I know it'll take time now.  Only this time I'm using workouts to help me tone while losing.  
Isn't it just crazy that fitting into a pair of pants a size lower makes me this happy?  I also get this happy when my husband says he adores me.  In the past I would have traded all my lost weight for a man who loves and adores me like he does. Fortunately, he loves me, adores me, encourages me to go to the gym and even pays for the trainer.  I feel that having a cheerleader and loving support is what matters most.  I think everyone should have a person in their corner cheering them on and celebrating every milestone.  
My daughters have been very sweet about telling me when they see my shape has changed and I look like I've lost some more weight.  I'd been very worried that my daughters would become overweight like me.  I didn't want them to be teased about their weight.  I was relieved when they didn't gain weight until after they got out of high school. They've lost it since then and look great.  High school was so hard for me.  I was teased and treated horribly by the boys.  For 30 years I hated one boy.  He never knew how badly his words hurt me.  He probably doesn't even remember me, but I never forgot him.  I swore that if I ever saw him again I'd go up to him, say "Fatso huh?" and punch him in the stomach.  Now if I were to see him, I'd probably ask how life had treated him.  I've grown and matured since those not so golden days of high school.  Happiness has to be grown within and shown by our actions.  Treat others the way you want to be treated really is how it should be!!
Thank You God for making me Perfectly in YOUR image!!!

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