Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Click it into place and let's get this going....

I’ve got all my ducks in a row. I’ve placed all my cards on the table.
I’ll do it next week.

I’ve got this thing!!!!!

No more I’ll start it tomorrow.  I’m doing it today.  WOW has it been a crazy, exhausting two weeks for me.
I started the WLC (weight loss challenge) and the first week I lost 2 pounds. I was shocked.  I just changed how much protein I was eating each day and boom I dropped 2.
I’ll take that and keep right on chewing my protein at every meal.

It’s getting easier to think about what I’m eating and why I should eat it.  Every day I make a protein smoothie using my Pro7ein powder and frozen fruit.  One scoop is 34 grams of protein.  I’m trying to add it in at the end of the day since I’m working out again like I used to do. 
I get my Pro7ein from Nutri Shop  at The Shops at West End. Here's the link:

I’m training twice a week and loving how I feel.  I have more energy and stamina.  I’m getting back into shape physically and mentally as well.
My work outs have changed to be more strength and muscle building while my ankle/foot continues to heal.  Six months since my surgery and I’m finally walking without a limp.
I've had quite a bit of arthritis pain in my fingers and wrists.  It's like a needle being jammed between the joints OUCH!  My thumb joints have started to change so when I'm using any hand weights or the machines I feel the sting.

I’ve met some great people too who are in my WLC class.  One of the ladies went with me to the gym and I showed her how to work the equipment she didn’t know how to use.  It felt good to help someone else out like that.  I did 3,000 steps on the treadmill which was huge since my foot has been hurting so much.   New shoes made all the difference.  I bought Ryka shoes and the fit is amazing.

I fought a few stomach and flu bugs so I was able to take care of my Grandson Riley when he got sick.  Poor little guy had been throwing up and was running a fever too.  But a few nights with Grandma and he was back to normal a.k.a. chattering endlessly.  The next day he started potty training FINALLY.  Boy is he one stubborn little guy.

My Pearly Girl is doing so much better.  Every day I see her come out of her shell a little more.  She is content and knows she’s loved.  She sees someone grab her leash and she walks right over to the door to wait.
I'll sleep right here zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 Please visit the extremely funny, gorgeous and honest Kristen Johnston at her website.  She wrote her own tell all about her journey to hell and back in the book Guts.

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