Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out of the BOOT

After 5 LONG months of wearing that walking boot I am finally done with the thing!
I feel as though I have been set free from a foot prison.  No more walking funny.  Do you have any idea how out of alignment your hips and back can become from wearing one of those walking boots(cast)?  Well, it's a lot.
I began Physical Therapy in December to learn how to walk on my newly screwed and remodeled foot. I have noticed a big difference in how I walk and how it feels a month later.  I'll never regret doing PT, but I would never have the foot surgery again.  The Arthritis pain I think I can live with now. My hands hurt a lot right now with this cold weather. I just take my pain medicine and go on with my day.
The Rheumatologist suggested I move to Arizona or Florida.  I said what about Jamaica and he said that would be fine too just as long as it's a warm climate.   
I got myself back on track with Weight Watchers and dropped 3.4 pounds in two weeks. I got very discouraged after being sick with the norovirus and only losing the 1.4 pounds and stopped tracking.  Oh boy was that a dumb move on my part.  
Tonight I start a new chapter as in a challenge to myself.  I signed up for the Community Weight Loss Challenge thru the Hopkins Community Ed program. Runs 1/23/13 to 3/13/13.  I hired a Person Trainer again and signed up for two thirty minute sessions a week.  The first session with Jessica I felt for 5 days afterward.  This will be GREAT!!!
I still can't do more than 10 minutes on the treadmill, but I can use the recumbent bike and elliptical.
Now that all those nasty sick bugs have left my body I can focus on the weight loss and reaching a goal.  My goal is to finish all my half started sewing projects. I did successfully finish my Grandson's car seat cover. 

I promised a friend I would sew the dress she is wearing for her vow renewal in Jamaica in 70+ days. So that's a lot of sewing to get done, but I can't eat while I sew so that will help me a lot too.
I'm making outfits for myself to wear as well and I would like them in a smaller size.

We have the sweetest little dog, I mentioned her last blog entry after our beloved Captain died. 
Pearl is so precious and quite the princess. She was attacked at a dog park almost a month ago.  I have never been so scared nor so pissed at a dog owner.  We didn't stay to find out who owned the dog, but I will stalk that park until I find that beast.  
Pearl only suffered a puncture wound, but she's now too frightened to be at the dog park even in the small dog area.   
She made the cutest Christmas dog though. 

My challenge to all of you is to find something ANYTHING that you want so badly you just have to have it.  Get to your goal and show yourself how strong you can be today!   

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