Friday, November 16, 2012

Terrible week......Turns into Thankfullness

I'm not moving from this spot!

What an incredibly crap-o-la week?  Yes it was.  My beloved dog Captain Barbossa died suddenly on Wednesday morning.  That dog would lick anything and everything.  The chair, the floor, the rug, the air- ANYTHING.  But oh how we loved him. Every annoying thing he did made him so loveable. He gave 200% unconditional love to everyone he met.  He barked to announce “Mommies home” when he heard the garage door opening.  He barked to let us know someone had come to visit.  Sometimes he didn’t think we knew and he’d bark the entire time the visitor Bob was there. 
Isaak it's not a wig it's all my hair
  He let my grandkids pull his hair and he happily ate everything they dropped while eating.  He was willing to be that kind of helper and keep my floors clear of food and anything else he could lick off the floor or chairs.
Mommy I got lots of kisses for you

I have never understood the way a dog loves his humans.  I watched Captain get stepped on, yet come back for more.  I’d get frustrated and yell at him to not keep getting under my feet. Look, a cast with a kneely wheely is not conducive for a tail wagging, four-legged, fuzzy buddy.  I just didn’t want to hurt him again, his cry of pain cut right thru to my heart.  Yet he always got under my feet because he just had to be near Mommy.
shhh I'm sleeping with my snowman
Now my life feels a bit empty without my “Cappy Tan” to greet me after work.  I hear noises and it’s not his cute snoring or his sleeping dreams. 
Captain at Ren Fest 2010
Captain Barbossa
We’ve decided to adopt another fur-baby and give another dog a happy home.  Pearl is the little Pekingese we spotted last month, but decided to wait on because we didn’t think Captain would like an attention stealer in HIS home.  He died so we could give Pearl a fur-ever home of her own.  Thank you Captain.  She’s younger than Captain was when we got him 3 years ago.  Captain was 10 when we adopted him. Pearl is 3 years old so I hope we have 10+ years with her.    My Grandkids can grow up with a dog at Grandma and Grandpa’s house now.
I had planned on blogging about my meal plans and such, but after my fuzzy buddy died it all just seemed meaningless.  I loved that little dog and he even got my grumpy Father to love him too. My Father just admitted last week that he “loves that little dog” to our friends. He’d never tell us, but we already knew it.  Him saying it just brought it home to everyone else. 
He may be almost 81, but he sure enjoyed every walk he went on with the dogs we’ve adopted.  His first question is usually “Can the dog walk on a leash?”  We know he’s hooked the first time he snaps the leash on the collar and heads out the door.  You see my Father doesn’t walk the dog, the dog walks HIM.  The dog dictates where they go and how far they go every time they step out the door!
Rest In Peace Captain and I’ll be seeing you, Simon, Amber, Tucker, Duke, Smokey and Butchy at the Rainbow Bridge.
Give a pet a loving home this Christmas. I promise you won’t regret it!!!
Thanks for giving me Turkey in 2010 and for such a great NON fur family!!

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