Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Got it right this time

I knew that at some point all the things I was learning would click into place.  I've been working out steady since April 18, 2011 and last week it finally hit me.  I know that my working out is HUGE when it comes to toning my body, but the key is what I eat.  
I was feeling very frustrated about the scale not budging so I asked my trainer to check my BMI on the device they have at the gym.  She looked at what it was last September when I entered the training program.  My BMI had dropped, not a lot, but it had dropped.  She decided to take just 2 of my measurements.  My chest and my hips.  I knew my thighs looked smaller and my arms were definitely more toned.  But I was thrilled to see I had gone down 6 and 3/4 inches combined in those two areas. WOW, I was just beaming, I was so happy.  
Now that I knew I had actually lost inches I was determined to make that second number on the scale go down.  I had been just this close, yet could not get there.  Well, by Friday I had not only changed that number, but it dropped down the third number farther.
Now I finally have the right combination of working out and eating.  I can now use that key information to move me to the next goal.

We all have struggles on a daily basis.  Some struggles are monetary, some are mentally and some are physically.  We can't let the struggles keep us from living a full life filled with laughter and happiness.  Happiness is within each of us.  Finding what makes you happy is all up to you.  Keeping the happy in your life is still up to you.  Don't give others the power to make you unhappy.  YOU focus on what makes you happy and don't give away your power, but share your happiness with others. 
I recently read Jaycee Dugard's book "A Stolen Life".  She lived 18 years of her life being raped and lied to.  She always clung to her Mother's love for her and longed to see her again. She has shown more strength and happiness even after all she lived thru.  If she can come out of 18 years of captivity and be happy then I can come out of any situation and be happy too.

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