Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 A New Year for a New ME!

New Years Eve 2011 Diana and Thomas
I rang in 2012 with a weight loss.  I'm down 11.4 pounds since joining Weight Watchers in October.  Down 42 pounds since I hit my heaviest in 2008. 
I'm happy that I got thru the holidays without packing on pounds.  I did enjoy the sweet treats as well as healthy foods.
I did a lot of "Oh My Gosh it fits me" dances when trying on clothes. I've gone down 2-3 dress sizes since May 2011. 
I'm committed to my workout routine and my healthy eating plan.
I've even started to inspire other people to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  Eating with more awareness of what types of foods we eat and what they do to our bodies in a positive way or negative way.  
The main foods we should all eat are fruits, vegetables and protein.  Proteins can come from more than meats and fish.  I know vegetarians get their protein from tofu as well as legumes. Also, quinoa is anther good source of protein.  
Making better choices when going out to eat is very important.   I know I'd rather have a deep fried piece of chicken over a broiled or grilled piece.  However, I like taking pressure off my joints by reducing my weight a little more each week.  I struggle with the temptation to eat the "bad stuff" versus the "good stuff" every single day.
I'm now struggling with a flare up of my arthritis.  Osteoarthritis is very painful and has been stopping me in my tracks these last few weeks.  It was bad enough before, but lately it has gotten much worse.  I almost cry when the now familiar needle pricking feeling hits a joint.  The worst has been in my hands the last 4 days.  I really try to "suck it up buttercup" and not let it bother me, but it's just not letting up on me.  It is just getting worse.  
Now my problem is HOW do I keep doing my workouts when my knee hurts along with my foot and hands? 
I know I have to fight thru it, but then again I'm only hurting my joints more by making them rub bone on bone. UGH!!!! 
I need a new swimsuit so I can go do pool workouts now. The only swimsuit I own is 2 sizes too big and you know how the water make them bigger anyway.  I do look quite funny with my droopy butt suit on and my straps sliding off every time my arms go down.  I can't be flashing the whole gym when I do my jumping jacks in the pool.  Oh dear!
I detest the aqua aerobics classes at LA Fitness.  They are boring and not fun for me.  I'll be bringing my iPod speakers so I can do my own workout with GOOD music. Ha ha take that song Mr. LapSwimmer!
Now how would you handle this change of plans?  Would you throw in the towel and give up or whine about it to anyone who would listen?
 Or maybe you'd suck it up and keep at it because there really is no going backward on this journey that is life!!!
I can't complain too much after all I do have a lot of good stuff happening in my life right now.  My Grandkidlets are getting SO big and are the Lights of my life. 
My family this Christmas from left to right My Dad Curt, Lizzi with Isaak, Christy, Riley, Diana, David and Nevaeh

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