Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall has arrived

The smells of fall and the sounds of it fill the air now. The leaves are beginning to change and with it we move into another season.
Life is a lot like seasons changing.  We move from one season in our lives to the next.  I just turned 52 and feel like a new season started for me.  I find myself thinking of life changes I have experienced.  I survived Motherhood, the terrible teens years of my 3 kids and becoming a Grandma. Menopause provided many interesting sensations and some not so fun side effects.   
I am ready for this new season of my life.  The season of becoming healthy and happier within my own skin.  I enjoy more things than I did when I was 30 or 40.   I find trying new things is not so scary after all.  I'm taking a new interest in lifting burdens from my life.  Just letting go of old negatives and photos felt so good.  No one wanted them, but here I sat moving them around from home to home over 30 years.  I finally knew I was getting no joy or value from those items.  
Letting go never felt as good as it did last week when I threw away lots of clutter.  Why keep things in my life that don't add value or serve a good purpose?  If I find I need that basket after all,  I can replace it for less than $10.00.  I freed up space for something I do value, my pictures of my Grandbabies!!
Getting rid of that clutter seemed to help me let go of some other clutter in my head.  I no longer think about that pile of magazines I should go thru because they are all GONE!
I thought about that pile EVERY flippin' day.  I saw it when I walked in that room, it silently called to me to say "Hi, hey, how's it going? You wanna just take a peek at me and maybe make a decision about letting me stay here?  I could go sit some other place, maybe across the room on that table?"  Seriously, why did I let that pile of magazines talk to me? I felt guilty for not dealing with it, but couldn't bring myself to just deal with it.  That was a waste of good thinking time. 
Now I think about the new community education class I'm taking next week.  I'm DOING something instead of thinking about it.
All this season changing makes me want to keep making my positive changes.  There is NO going back now.
What do you feel needs to change in your life?  Are you brave enough to throw out the clutter that is holding you back?  Letting go of that mind clutter might just be the peace of mind we all hear so much about!
Lake Minnetonka 9/26/11 Leaves are changing!!

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