Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running out of time and patience

It's time I give you all a peek into my workout routine.  
I start my gym time with a warm up for 10 - 15 minutes on the treadmill or stationary bike. I don't go super fast since I'm only warming up my muscles before my trainer tries to make them wobbly.
My last training session reads like this.....
Upper body
Dual Cable Cross   Set 1)  20#  15 reps  Set 2)  25#  15 reps   Set 3) 20#  15 reps
Tricep Extention Rope  Set 1) 50#  15 reps  Set 2)  50#  15 Reps  Set 3)  50#  15 reps
Deltoid Fly Front    Set 1) 50#  15 reps  Set 2)  50#  15 reps   Set 3)  50#  15 reps
Deltoid Fly Back   Set 1)  50#  15 reps   Set 2)  50#  15 reps  Set 3)  50#  15 reps
Lateral Pull     Set 1) 55#  15 reps   Set 2) 55#  15 reps
Chest Press Machine  60#  15 reps
Abs on bench  10
Crunches 10
So for a break down of this I didn't start whining or thinking of hurting her until the abs crunching at the end.
I don't know if this means I'm doing good or so so or great.  I just know I'm seeing changes in my shape.  I'm not eating 100% great and healthy, but I'm more aware of what I put into my mouth.
With just over 50 days until my vacation I'm feeling the inner pressure to make the numbers drop faster.
I no longer beat myself up when I eat bad food or think less of myself either.  I'm making lifestyle changes and those are never easy.
I met with my counselor for one last time last week.  She marveled at the changes in me.  I actually looked younger to her than I did a year ago when I walked into her office and was hurting inside so badly I cried at our first meeting.   This last year has been a RENEWAL of life for me.  I'm living MY life MY way and with NO regrets.  
I've come so far in 12 months that I want to make the next 12 months become far behind me when I look back next year.  I can now accept me just like I am right this minute with all my extra weight and wrinkles.  I don't have to change one thing to be happier.  That is such a great feeling.  To not feel like I HAVE to do something.    However, I like knowing I CAN change anything if I choose to do it.   Last year I chose to handle things with my oldest child differently and not accept behavior I wouldn't tolerate in my friends.  Today I'm a much more balanced woman/wife/mother/daughter/friend than I was 12 months ago.
Are you happy with YOU right here right now?   Why not?  Is there something you need to change within yourself?
Why not make yourself happy by letting go of those bricks you've been dragging around since childhood?   No one can go back and change the past, Hollywood glamorizes it, but we know the past is just that...The Past!!!
Here's to OUR tomorrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Thanksgiving with my family. I feel very blessed to have them.

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