Monday, December 27, 2010

Making a plan

My plan for today is to begin my workouts.  I went online and set up my training for the next 2 weeks. This week 3 times next week 4 times. I know consistency will matter the most.
The toughest part is making an eating plan. Ha ha ha I struggle with sticking to it.  So thinking about my past successes and failures, I'm thinking of doing this a day at a time!  I need to stop and ask myself WHY I want to grab this or crave that?  This way I'll be more self aware of why I make those choices.
2010 was spent working on the inner me.  I worked on what makes me react to situations negatively. I learned that I'm not responsible for how my children live their lives. They are adults and I can set limits on what I will tolerate.  "You deserve what you tolerate" so I won't be as tolerant in some instances.  Which brings me to why I tolerate eating foods that have no nutritional value? Shouldn't I feed my body nutritiously?  Let's face it junk foods taste better. I've discovered a book that tells the hidden truth about how our foods have been modified to make them more appealing to our taste buds. I was shocked, but still found myself eating it.  Makes me mad that the pull to eat this modified food is so strong. 
Today I will stop and ask why?

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