Friday, August 31, 2012

CASTing my cares away

I'm sporting a lovely baby blue cast on my right foot.
Oh boy I forgot just what this surgery was going to entail for me.  No driving, lots of pain and NO independence.  
I am happy to report that my weight did go down a little after I got weighed and knew what my weight was post surgery and casted up nicely.
The most surprising thing is I'm not really hungry and attribute that to my lack of burning much energy to move around.   I'm not having to refuel my muscles after a workout so there's no need to eat more to offset the muscle rebuilding.
The best part of being home for the last 3 weeks is the time I've spent with my 9 month old Grandson Isaak.
My oldest daughter has been "Old Lady Sitting" me while my Father is at work and my husband is working.
Isaak giggles as soon as he sees me. It's so cute how he smiles and gets excited to see me.  I'll be in baby with-drawl once I go back to work and don't see him so much.  I play a little game to distract him while Mommy tries to change his diapers, he likes to crawl away while being changed.  I grab his foot and blow a razzberry on it.  He giggles and grabs his other foot. I grab the other foot and do it to that one and he giggles again.  Now I just blow a quick puff of air at his face and he starts laughing.   I guess I'm the funny Grandma now.  
Being unable to go to the gym to workout has been tough.  I miss the endorphins of a good hard workout session.  Pulling my kneely wheely up and down the 3 steps in the garage is not a great weight lifting session, but it is an arm workout.  I've got to get into a routine of using my hand weights and doing some bed yoga.  If I lay down on the floor I'm not getting back up without help.  I'm not allowed to put any weight on my right foot until November 10, 2012.  That's 9 weeks away.  I have caught up on a LOT of missed sleep however.
Before I went in for surgery I got my haircut and had some family time to prepare.  I knew this recovery was going to be rough. 
When a fellow blogger died a week after my surgery I was stunned.  She had just turned 49 that morning.  Please go get your heart checked. I'm talking blood pressure, if it's high get on meds!!!  If your cholesterol is high get medication for that and work on changing your diet.  Less saturated fats and more fresh fruit and vegetables.  It's the little things that will help the most.  Getting daily exercise is extremely important too.

I'm keeping this short today because it was just 2 weeks ago that Lynn Hudson left this earth to be with God.  I wanted to Honor her memory by dedicating my blog to her.  God Bless You Lynn and may the Love you poured out on all who knew you be a light to our path to a bright and happy future. I'm blessed to have known you and honored that you promoted my blog so freely.  Love and Blessings, Diana
Pretty toe nails with my pretty baby blue cast!!


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