Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where do I go from here?

Here I am at the last day of May and only down a total of 41 pounds since 2008.
I was feeling rather discouraged until I remembered I’m not going back to that weight ever again.
I’ve been doing a lot of evaluating about my past attempts at weight loss and can glean from each experience something to use on my journey.
Some days just need a good Vodka and some sewing time!
My Atkins Diet gave me insight into how addictive sugar and some carbs are to me (I’ll keep this about me today and not include other people).  Once I eliminated carbs down to 20 grams a day I found that I didn’t crave them anymore.  I was able to avoid sugary foods and not be bothered by it.
My Exercise and My Fitness Pal calorie counting taught me about the need to fuel my body before and after a workout.   I needed to fuel with the correct foods.  Protein and veggies were important for building muscles.  My muscles grew and with it my strength improved. Using My Fitness Pal helped me track what I was eating and how much of what I was getting to enjoy a balanced diet.  My weight dropped, but the best part was building my muscle strength and stamina.
Weight Watchers helped me control my bingeing and gave me the tools to eat healthy too.  I’m able to see what causes me to over eat or emotionally eat my feelings.
So, here I am wondering why this weight is not just melting off my body.  I know what I’m doing wrong, I’m eating ha ha.  I’m without my e-tools so I’m having to use my memory to help me remember the points plus values of the foods I’m eating that are not Weight Watchers foods.  This has been a bit frustrating.  I decided to take advantage of the discount my insurance gives for me to be on WW, but I don’t have access to e-tools now. ::sigh:: I know fruits are zero points and so are most vegetables so that parts easy.  The hard part is remembering the other stuff I eat.  I have to be able to do this without leaning on the e-tools app on my phone.  I’m 52 years old and dang it I can do this! 
I’ve dealt with my Arthritis and ups and downs of being sick from different bugs I’ve picked up here and there.
My best tool has been WATER, yup good ol’ H2O.  I make sure I drink 5- 20 ounce bottles a day.  I’m trying to not use Crystal Light packets as much even if they are sugar free I learned they can make you crave sweets.  Sun Tea is soooo yummy and refreshing to my palate.  I discovered chocolate covered bananas in the frozen food section recently and I.AM.ADDICTED. Only 4 points plus for one of those treats.
Bibs for Isaak
Isaak wearing his Pooh bib
I’ve begun sewing again so that keeps me busy and I can’t eat while sewing, or I should say I choose not to eat while I sew.  I drink my water, listen to Pandora on my iPhone and create things. 
I find I need to be busy otherwise I just want to graze and that will not help me reach my goals.
I have had so many good things happen lately and I feel so peaceful with my life now.  The commercial I was part of making last year just started airing and it’s weird to see myself 30 pounds heavier in them. In fact the shirt I’m wearing is toooo big for me now. I’m keeping it to show myself how far I’ve come in a year.
Christina 25th birthday dress I made her
I had a blast modeling for C.J. Banks at their Mall of America location a few weeks ago.  It showed me I can really do anything I set my mind to doing.
I’m still consistently getting over 7,000 steps a day even when I don’t or can’t go to the gym.
I think I’ll just keep going on this journey and not let myself get side tracked or give up.  Giving up is NOT an option!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel sad when I see friends who I love dearly gaining weight or not taking care of their health.  This is the only body we get and it’s the only life we get to live.  Why not start today to make it the very best for YOURSELF?
I know I can’t lecture anyone else on their weight when I’m over weight myself, but I know I’m trying to get healthier so I’ll just be an example.
My blood work from a Bio metric screening came back and to my surprise and my Doctors it was pretty good. My overall cholesterol was just a bit up, but my good cholesterol was high.  The Doctor said “Your hard work at the gym is paying off”. That made my day.  It also proved I’m doing the right weight loss plan.  I’m taking the weight off slowly and in a healthy way now too.  Weight Watchers works for everyone, even those that are diabetic can do it and lose while keeping their blood sugar within the limits the Doctors set.
It’s really up to me and you.  I’m in charge of my mouth and my own health.  You are too, so why not be healthier for your future?
It really is where we go from this moment forward.  I’m going to stay on my weight loss journey and you can come along with me if you’d like.  Let’s go, the train is about to leave the station on the next leg of the journey!
Going Down steps is easier than..
going UP. Up works your muscles harder

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